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  • Hurdy Gurdy Forum - UK based forum - join and find out everything you ever wanted to know about hurdy gurdies!

  • OTW - The Over the Water Hurdy-Gurdy Association. A group of hurdy-gurdy players, builders, and aficionados based mostly in Western Washington (USA). They put on French music jams and dances in the Seattle area (with live hurdy-gurdy music, of course) and an annual hurdy-gurdy festival and Saturday dance on the Olympic Peninsula. I had the privilege of being an instructor at this festival in 2008 and 2009, and had a wonderful time. Lovely people, great music and amazing food - everyone should go to this festival............!

  • Nuada - Great band. A duo/trio playing Celtic, Folk and Early music.

  • Dragonsfly - A musical landscape across world traditions, with distinctive Celtic and Eastern flavours.

  • Jon Hall's diary of his hurdy gurdy being built (1999/2000).

  • Les Jigalots - 4 piece dance band playing an eclectic range of music from 14th century to the present day. 



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